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Dispute Resolution

Our Philosophy:

Few disputes really require adjudication by a third party (e.g. adjudicator, judge).

Once the facts are established so far as possible, lawyers for each party should be able to help their clients come to an agreement, by negotiation or with the help of a trained mediator.

Disputes disrupt normal life and need to be resolved as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible – “winning” at a trial is not necessarily the best outcome financially or in terms of commercial relationships, business efficacy, or quality of life. Agreeing to a settlement following negotiation may be a better outcome.

Disputes – their origins, dynamics and potential outcomes, need to be looked at in the round, and not solely from a legal perspective.

We listen to what our clients really want, and take into account the non-legal factors as well as providing expert legal advice and representation.

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We assist clients to resolve disputes with…
Co-directors, co-shareholders, partners, suppliers, customers, service-providers, trustees, buyers/sellers of property, employees, employers, landlords, tenants, neighbouring land-owners, and franchisors.
Where appropriate we instruct a tried and tested group of excellent, dedicated barristers to provide additional expertise and advocacy.