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Privacy Policy



We do not collect data

  • To pass on to other people, except in the normal course of the work we do for our clients in accordance with their instructions or as required by law
  • To send out marketing material, except for information about our services that may be sent to existing or former clients from time to time.

The bases on which we collect personal data about our clients are shown in the table below, which also shows what rights our clients have in relation to the data we hold

Basison which we hold data Your right to erasure to require us to delete data Your right to portability to obtain and reuse data across different services Your right to objectto object to the use of data on specific personal grounds
Legal Obligation

As necessary to comply with the law (other than contractual obligation)

yes yes no
Public Task

As necessary to comply with official legal function or in public interest (eg duty to court or under Money Laundering Regulations)

no no yes
Legitimate Interests

As necessary for us as solicitors acting on instructions, for our own or third party (eg clients’) legitimate interests that are not overridden by a need to protect data

yes no yes
  1. In relation to all data we hold, Angela Davies is the data controller and processor.
  2. Our intended purpose in processing data is to carry out our clients’ instructions, to comply with our duty to the court, and to meet our legal and professional obligations.
  3. We never pass data on to anyone who might use it to try to make sales.
  4. We do not collect or process special category data or criminal offence data, except that we may hold personal information relating to a person under the age of 18 who is or may be entitled under the terms of a trust.
  5. Data owners have the right to check that the data we hold is accurate, and to correct it if necessary.
  6. Our records (electronic and paper files) are kept securely for 6 years and then destroyed.  Files for will instructions are kept for 6 years after the death of the testator where the date of death is known (ie to the end of the time a claim can be made against the estate).
  7. We do not undertake profiling or automated decision making.
  8. We do not send data outside the EU except as part of work on a client file with international elements.
  9. As well as other recourse, data owners have the right to lodge a complaint if they consider that the processing of their personal data infringes Regulations.  The method for complaining is explained here: