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Probate and Estate Administration

We see clients at their homes or place of work.

We do not charge for travelling to see clients in the Harrogate area. We make a reduced charge for our time when traveling to see clients further afield. We do not have expensive offices or teams of staff. This enables us to pass on the savings to our clients through our comparatively low probate hourly charging rate.

Jeremy Clough  is fast, efficient and proactive in how he progresses the administration process.

He assists his clients at an emotionally difficult time by sorting out the paperwork for them, providing them with regular reports so that they know how matters are progressing. He aims to give a personal service, with understanding and flexibility.

The estate administration process

Unless successfully contested, the distribution of a person’s estate is decided either by the terms of their will or by rules of intestacy law if there isn’t a will.

We ascertain all assets and liabilities at the date of the individual’s death, and complete the relevant tax and court forms to obtain the grant of probate (if there is a will) or letters of administration (if no will).

When the grant has been issued to the personal representatives, we close accounts, sell or transfer assets and pay bills, costs and tax.

On behalf of the personal representatives, we ensure that any Inheritance, Capital Gains and Income tax due is paid and obtain confirmation that the Revenue’s files are closed.

Finally, we produce estate accounts and divide monies between the beneficiaries. Interim payments are made to the beneficiaries wherever possible.